Who Are You In The Silence of Your Thoughts?

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What you think about is what you become. Quite literally.

We’re often so busy, we don’t stop and think about what that little voice in our head is saying. Most of the time our conscious has nothing but glowing compliments for us. ‘You are the best developer.’ ‘You really rocked that meeting’. Oorah!

We really are our own best cheering squad. At the same time, I’m also convinced that we’re our own worst enemy.

Based on my own experience, if I let my brain wander for long it can be devilishly distracting. My inner dialogue needs a kick in the butt, almost daily.

Your inner dialogue needs direction. Similar to how you can easily get lost driving to a new location without Google Maps, the same goes for your thoughts. Without focus and intention, it can easily get sidetracked and become an underutilized tool.

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While at the office or family gatherings, we adapt to social filters. These filters include topics we avoid bringing up like money, drugs and politics. Mostly because they’re taboo. When’s the last time you brought up your sex life at your grandma’s? Never (at least I hope so unless you work at Buzzfeed).

Social filters allow us to get along, feel like we belong, and help us stay focused. The same can go for your own internal filters.

What topics set your brain in the right or wrong direction? Maybe a meeting you wished you approached differently, an ex you can’t stop thinking about or the final episode of that TV show you wish you were watching right now.

If you take the time to listen to yourself, you can begin to see your thought process and better understand your strengths and weaknesses.

If you find yourself getting tied up on particular thoughts, ask yourself these three simple questions:

  • Does the thought serve a greater purpose?
  • Is it worrying or is it solving?
  • Could the time be better spent some other way?

It’s impossible to have 100% positive thoughts all the time, but it’s important to recognize you have full control over your own thoughts. There’s a great freedom in that, as well as responsibility.

Life is an book you write along the way with infinite ways to choose your own adventure.

You deserve all the awesome experiences in the world. Bringing an idea to life. Helping a startup achieve their goals. Hacking together the next coolest app. A loving relationship.

If negative self talk is slowing you down, get in its way. Think about the positive things that you want in life and engage your consciousness in them so they’ll continue to come into fruition.

Do you have any other advice that should be voiced? Please share in the comments below.

Strategic alliances (haptics & magnetics) at http://Nanoport.io. Founding team @Nanodots. Writes about VR, tech, startups, and autocross.

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