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Ashley Huffman
2 min readFeb 28, 2022


Look no further. Here’s what some of the biggest and most innovative companies are serving up jobs-wise in the area of haptics.

There is a lot happening in the world of haptics technology. Each month I share the latest announcement, cool tech, and resources in my “All Things Haptics” Newsletter (you can subscribe here). More recently, I’ve been sharing some of the freshly posted job openings related to haptics.

One way to know where the future is going is by seeing who is being hired to build it!

Below are the latest job postings I could find, noting that I can’t control when postings are updated or removed.


Apple has many roles listed on Indeed! 37 out of 8,942 to be exact. This includes:
Haptics Hardware Engineer
Haptics Control Engineer
Haptics PD Engineer.

Meta / Oculus

Meta has even more roles on Indeed. 253 out of 15,760 to be exact. This includes
Product Designer
Mechanical Engineer
Augmented Reality
Haptics Technical Program Manager
Haptics Technical Program Manager.


Toyota has a “Human-Computer Interaction Designer” position listed on Linkedin. The role notes “Working knowledge of input and output technologies (i.e. touch, speech, haptics, displays, etc.).”


Amazon has a “Lead UX Designer, Amazon Auto” position open. The role specifies “You are familiar with vehicle HMI and have experience curating a great UX from the numerous inputs and outputs vehicles offer (screen, voice, physical controls, HUD, and haptics).” (Linkedin)

Serenity Forge

Serenity Forge has a “Porting Programmer (Unity) “ role open on Indeed. The posting notes “Co-developing console-specific features such as trophies, haptics, touch-screen capabilities, adaptive triggers, etc.”


Inuit has a role open on Linkedin for a “Design Technologist.” The role includes prefer to “We’re looking for engineers who bring new ideas from all areas, including information retrieval, large-scale system design ….UI design, motion, sound, haptics and mobile.”

Shark Ninja

Shark Ninja has a role open on Linkedin for a “Manager Technical Product Development “ which is focused on “Be the product ‘expert’ and point person for all cross-functional questions or concerns related to performance, reliability, touchpoints, and haptics”

Probably Monsters

Probably Monsters has a post on Indeed for a “Senior Gameplay Designer. The role includes “Authoring player feedback like camera shakes and haptics to create a sense of impact and weight.”


Faurecia has a role open on Indeed for a “Display Integration Engineer.” The role includes “Lead integration study of display(s) module in products from concept to industrialization…. mechanical, optical, haptic, safety, thermal, electronic and cost.”

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