James Hayward on What the Future Holds for the Haptics Market

James joined the Haptics Club at noon on Wednesday, June 16, 2021

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Not too long ago, all we had was a simple phone pagers that buzzzzzed. The mobile phone has really leveraged that tech and bizzzzzzz, bmmmmm, and buzzzzz’es. Not to mention the delightful low-end brrmmmmmm rumble of gaming controllers.

Today, haptics are used in a wealth of products and industries. The best way to try haptics is hands-on and the best way to learn is to ask an expert, which leads to our next special Haptics Club guest.

On June 16, 2021, at 12:00 pm Eastern Time, the , a lead analyst from . Besides haptics, he covers a variety of topics, including wearables and sensors.

In many ways, hosting James is like the Haptics Club finding a genie in a bottle. He has vast amounts of experience in haptics and other related fields, and outside of the reports and IDTechE events, he’s quite elusive.

As anticipated, it was the perfect opportunity to ask him questions, and thankfully we were able to ask more than three.

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More About James

Over the past five years, he and his team have been uncovering, interviewing experts about, and compiling critical insights into the haptics industry. You can learn more in his Haptics Report called “.”

The report includes historical data on the haptics market, including device sales, spend per device, percentage of devices with haptics, and haptics revenue.

For more insights like this, follow James on Twitter at and check out his Linkedin profile .

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