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  • Helen Situ

    Helen Situ

  • MIT Media Lab Learning Initiative

    MIT Media Lab Learning Initiative

    Bringing the collective creativity of the MIT Media Lab to bear on the future of learning > learn.media.mit.edu

  • Thuyrannosaurus


    Ambitious product designer based in Oslo β€’ Working with apps since 2009 β€’ Writing about my curiosities, UX, UI and Micro interactions. Currently at FINN.no

  • Tony Parisi

    Tony Parisi

    Metaverse OG. Entrepreneur. Investor. Co-Creator, VRML & glTF. Head of XR Ads/E-Commerce, Unity Technologies. Pre-apocalyptic author. Music. @auradeluxe

  • Pranoy Kanungo

    Pranoy Kanungo

    Sic Parvis Magna

  • Noah_A_S


    Hi, I'm Noah | 26 | Unofficial Ambassador Of @magicleap l The Golden Leaper | DMs Open | The Excitement Is Real πŸ˜ŽπŸ€£πŸš€#LeapSquad #LeapNation !! #magicverse

  • Joakim Vindenes

    Joakim Vindenes

    Joakim Vindenes is a PhD Candidate in Virtual Reality at the University of Bergen in Norway. He is editor at Matrise (http://matrise.no) and AltVR YouTube.

  • Jon Radoff

    Jon Radoff

    Adventurer & entrepreneur. I fight for the game-maker. I like startups, digital culture, stories, software, crypto, cooking/wine, games and adventure.

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