• Magik Gallery

    Magik Gallery

    Exploring VR’s new creative tools and workflows. Sharing approaches to creation in the new universe of immersive art and design.

  • Alex Kinsella

    Alex Kinsella

    Freelance content marketer. Curates @gettlwr . Running from my problems with @RunWaterloo . I make skateboards too. He/him.

  • marcello nisi

    marcello nisi

  • Alexander Peh

    Alexander Peh

    Head of Market Development & #Mobile @PayPalCA & bringing @Braintree nextgen #payments to Canada. Called quite a few places home. Once labelled Golden Voice.

  • 💡 Cory Flanigan 💡

    💡 Cory Flanigan 💡

    Reduce your cost and churn by growing your software team sustainably.

  • Mark Hahnel

    Mark Hahnel

    #openscience #openaccess #stemcells #genomics

  • Melanie Baker

    Melanie Baker

    Community manager, writer, editor, krav maga student, sloth enthusiast, zombie apocalypse survivalist, sockmonkey artist. Tweets from my brain alone.

  • Zach Bussey

    Zach Bussey

    Toronto Blogger + YouTuber | Editor: @GuyMaven | Freelance Content Creator | Subscribe on YT: http://bit.ly/SubZach

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