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Don’t let notifications distract you.

I glance. Nothing. I double check. Nothing.

I’m almost disappointed the notification light on my phone isn’t glowing.

What about my latest Tweet. Was is not inspiring enough to like? Was my Facebook post not funny enough? Was my latest work email too demanding?

I regress. Back to IRL (in real life).

Then it appears out of the corner of my eye. The small yellow led light on my phone blinks. It pulses to get my attention, dramatically and almost seductively.

As I grab my phone, I try my best to fortell​ the message just before I unlock it.

Im wrong this time. It’s just another spam newsletter. I am not psychic.

With that, I realize how retroactively I live in some moments.

That blinking light has somehow become a beacon of my status. How important I am? How much do people like me?

In the past I’ve judged people for caring too much about what other people think of them.

Yet by caring so much about it, I’m doing the exact same thing.

Real time technology is amazing, at the same time so is embracing life and actually living it.

Capture life along the way, and embrace the moment right now.

Let this be a reminder for the New Year that technology should be a tool to help make your life better.

The most fabulous things can happen IRL when you really put yourself out there.

You were meant for great things. Wishing you all that and more right now into 2017. As I say, Godspeed.

Strategic alliances (haptics & magnetics) at Founding team @Nanodots. Writes about VR, tech, startups, and autocross.

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