CES Announces In-Person Event and Press say HELL NO!

Updated 6/23/2020

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This week, the news dropped that CES has decided to go forward with an in-person version of their infamous trade show, happening January 6–9, 2021. Strangely, the notice is also available on their website last updated May 7, 2020. It’s unclear why it popped up this week specifically. What is clear is there was a slurry of well-timed stories on tech news sites and subsequent shares on Twitter.

Did you know CES first kicked off in 1967? That feels like a very long time ago.

Still a tech fan favorite for many, the show has been ridiculed for the quality of tech on showcase. Having seen it with my own eyes, the sheer number of phone cases, selfie sticks, and portable speakers is vast. Historically, CES is an integral event for businesses that want to meet new partners and introduce their tech to the press.

CES Latest Update as of 6/23/2020

CES read the room! They’re now doing a survey to see how many people are actually interested in visiting in-person. You can see that here:

Press & Influencer Reactions to CES In-person

This in-person event news has caused a stir with media-alike. Here are some of the reactions:

12:28 PM · Jun 4, 2020

Will CES rethink this? Will China-based attendees be allowed to fly in and participate? Is there a safe way to manage that many people amidst or post Covid-19? Based on the fact they’re expanding the facilities, it’s unlikely they’ll flat out cancel without major implications.

What’s Next For Events? Boring ZOOM Conferences?

If this is the end of CES and in-person events as we know it, then what’s next? Right now, no one knows. Video meetings are an excellent solution for certain companies, while others in hardware that rely on demos grow more concerned.

Reach out and share your feedback and thoughts.

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